Elite Monthly Home Maintenance Plans

Allowing you to feel safe and secure even when someone is not home

With custom packages available; whether you’re away from home or in your home, we have a plan for you!

Elite Lite- $75.00 per month

Each bi-weekly visit we will:

      • Walk your property and inspect for issues
      • Cover faucets if temperatures drop below 33 degrees
      • Store any mail or packages and throw away any papers
      • Check for issues with shed, yard, trees, fence, etc.
      • Water potted plants
      • Report findings to home-owner
      • Temporarily solve pressing/ urgent issues (until customer okays further action)

Elite Plus- $175.00 per month

Each weekly, visit we will:

      • Provide the above services plus…
      • Cover plants if temperatures drop below 33 degrees (Covers can either be provided by the customer or billed to the customer)
      • Change exterior light bulbs not working (regular bulbs only)
      • Blow leaves away from doors and walkways
      • Clean gutters by hand (one story only, two story is additional, may be extra cost first time)
      • Put up window shutters if bad weather is a current threat (one story only, two story house is additional)

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